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award winning Head Chef, James Sinden and are proprietary to
Crockett's BBQ.

NO water, Catsup or "Secret" ingredient for a flavor base. 

Pure, Authentic American Heritage, The Crockett's Way!

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American Moonshine ​BBQ Sauce 16 oz.


This is an amazing blend of spices in a tomato based sauce with Onion, Garlic, Balsamic Vinegar and a touch of "Moonshine" or legal American corn whiskey.  This product is the very 1st table worthy Moonshine BBQ sauce in the Nation.  This is not an alcoholic beverage.  Safe for ALL to eat. 

This award winning product beat out 4 products from Guy Fieri from the hit TV show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives at the American Royal Sauce competition in Kansas City in 2016 as well as converting THOUSANDS of sweet baby ray lovers.

Garlic & Onion BBQ Sauce - 16 oz.


One of Crockett's award winning products.  This crazily popular BBQ Sauce has been on my short list since creating it in 2004.  It is a tomato based mix with plenty of garlic and onions with a balsamic twist.  It is one of the family favorites.  Used in recipes and wing restaurants on the East coast. Very few here in the Ozarks have had the opportunity of trying it.

Brown Sugar & Maple ​BBQ Sauce - 16 oz.


Brown Sugar and Maple BBQ Sauce was the very first  product professionally produced for Battlefield Gourmet in 2009. This was determined by doing a local taste test market in Virginia.  It is an amazing mix of tomato sauce, maple and brown sugar that has converted thousands of die hard competor lovers to life long Crockett's customers. 
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Tequila Lime Hot Sauce - 16 oz.

A vinegar based Hot Sauce enhanced with a dash of Tequila and Lime.  It's a true comparison to the Lousiana style Hot Sauce with a Texas twist.  It's hotter than all of it's competitors but not overwhelimingly hot.  A flavor like no other.  This is a true "MUST TRY" product, Crockett's style.  

Hickory BBQ Sauce - 16 oz.

A vinegar/tomato based BBQ Sauce enhanced with sauteed onion with an amazing Missouri Hickory flavor and a complementing bite of vinegar.  It is the TRUE BBQ Sauce of Southeast Missouri.  

Mild Habanero Pepper Sauce - 16 oz.

Habanero Pepper Sauce is one of my earliest products created in 2003.  This amazing sauce is like no other on the market and was one of the products that started this frenzy of creating amazing, award winning products.  It is a unique mix of seasonings like no other on the market.  As with all of Crockett's products, NOTHING COMPARES to our quality and unique offerings.  This is fantastic on pizza as a sauce base, chicken, beef or as a marinade.  AMAZING!

Extreme American Mustard - 16 oz.

YES, thats right.  Crockett's has a unique American Spicy Mustard.  Made from Brown and Black mustard seeds, vinegar horseradish and a dash of water.  Sorry, had to use water in this one to keep the heat.  It is breath taking.  Pure HOT mustard that is worthy of any European product on the market.  That's saying something. 
Beef Jerky
All of our Beef Jerky is made from premium prime cut beef marinated and slow, cold smoked for 12 over hours over sweet Ozark Hickory for consistency and flavor. Our time proven method has resulted in the finest Beef Jerky on the market.  We produce 50 lb batches to ensure quality and individual attention is given to our production and cooking temperatures throughout our process.  We are very proud of the results and so will you be for choosing Crockett's amazing Beef Jerky products. NO GAS OR ELECTRIC.  JUST PURE NATURAL HICKORY, CROCKETT'S STYLE OF COURSE!

Hickory Beef Jerky - 4 oz.

Jalapeno Beef Jerky - 4 oz.

Maple Beef Jerky - 4 oz. 

Peppered Beef Jerky - 4 oz.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky - ​4 oz.

Dry Rubs

Wild Turkey Dust - 2 oz.

Hillbilly Jim's - 2 oz.

High Plains Butt Rub - 2 oz.

Ozark Rubbin Dust - 2 oz.

Mule Dust - 2 oz.

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